Brevard North Carolina Real Estate Blog: March 2009

Playing in the mud with clients

Never let it be said that being in real estate isn't an adventure!

The other day Robert met with some new clients who wanted to look at some homes and land. Like many folks we work with, they live out of state and are looking for a seasonal mountain get away. It had been raining for several days and was still raining on the day of the appointment, but it didn't dampen anyone's enthusiasm. So off they went.

Everything was going just fine until the very last showing of the day. The destination was a mountain cabin, Roadtucked back in the woods, about 10,000 miles from nowhere. Ok, maybe it isn't exactly 10,000 miles but it feels that way when you're out there - which can actually be an attractive feature for many people.

Unfortunately, the road in hadn't been maintained very well. Getting down the road to the cabin wasn't so bad, but coming back up was an entirely different story. Between the ruts, the rain, and the lack of gravel, the road was one big muddy "slip-n-slide". To make matters worse, one side of the road was straight up, and the other side was straight down leaving little room for error.

After several failed, heart thumping attempts, they had to call in the reinforcements. Thank goodness, we've kept our AAA membership up. It took about an hour for the tow truck to arrive, but it was a welcomed site for sure!tow truck

Truth is, during that hour spent waiting for the tow truck, Robert and the clients had a great time getting to know each other. Lucky for us, they are the kind of folks who just took the whole situation in stride and even paid for the tow truck!  How great is that. 

As I see it, this whole experience is an analogy for being successful in the real estate business...and in life. Sometimes the road you're on isn't an easy one to travel and it can be hard to get any traction. You might even need a little help getting through the tough patches. But what's important is that you find a way to keep moving forward.

On the surface, some people could say this was a really lousy way to end the day....that it was a huge inconvenience. But it's all in how you look at things. Robert had a great adventure with what turned out to be great new clients - the kind that you know you'll be friends with long after the deal is done.

This particular cabin (like some of goals in life) wasn't the easiest place to get to, but the pay off was enormous in so many ways.round mountain







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Playing in the mud with clients
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