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Leaf Season Is Here in the Mountains

Say good-bye to summer! Fall is officially here and in western North Carolina that means leaf season has begun. Fall colors

Peak leaf season runs from mid-October into early November although there is usually still plenty of color around as late as Thanksgiving as long as there are no heavy rains or winds to blow the remaining leaves to the ground. Sourwood and tulip trees traditionally kick off the season in late September with splashes of reds and yellows followed by the deep purple of the Bradford Pears (which aren't really pear trees, by the way). As we get into October, the birches, maples, oaks, sweetgums, and hickories join the party and everywhere you look is a blaze of color.

Naturally the higher elevations being to show color first. Around the Brevard area where the elevation reaches 3,000 ft., we're already seeing signs of fall in certain trees. Of course, pumpkins have been popping up at area tailgate markets and road side stands along with colorful mums and dried cornstalks, more sure signs that the season of crisp clear days, roaring fireplaces, and snugly sweaters is upon us.

Every year, I am confused about what truly determines whether or not we will have a good leaf season. Some experts say we've had abundant rain this year so the leaves aren't stressed and that will lead to a great season. Others say too much rain means there won't be as much color. I never know who to believe. According Wikipedia the color we see every year is actually there all year long.  During the growing season, chlorophyll is produced at a faster rate which keeps the leaves green. But as the growing season comes to a close and the days become shorter, chlorophyll is used up faster than it is being produced in the leaf and over time, the green begins to fade Fall colorsaway...revealing the "fall" colors underneath.

The fall season is also a great time of year if you've been thinking about land for sale in the Brevard, NC area. During the summer months, when the trees are full, it can be difficult to appreciate the value and location of a property.  As leaves begin to drop, you have a much better idea about the "lay of the land", what is around it, and what kind of views are possible. It's also cooler and the summer bugs have gone where ever it is they go in the winter making the whole experience of walking land that much more enjoyable.

If you are planning a trip to the mountains, the Asheville Chamber of Commerce is a great source for tracking fall colors for the entire area. And if you're planning a trip to the Brevard area (only 30 minutes west of Asheville) be sure to check the new Visit Waterfalls website. It's chock full of great information about the Brevard area, the abundant outdoors activities, and more.

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