Brevard North Carolina Real Estate Blog: High Tech vs High Touch. Where is your business coming from?

High Tech vs High Touch. Where is your business coming from?

For all the energy everyone puts into having a strong Internet presence, I wonder how much of that hard work and energy actually translates into real business. We build fancy websites with all the whistles and bells, we capture leads and send drip campaigns, we email, we blog, we live and die by SERPs, but where does it get us? Like a lot of today's technology, we are led to believe that our world is not complete without the latest gadget or time saving device that actually ends up costing more time to learn and operate than it's worth. Does having a Blackberry make me a better Broker? Does having a a strong Internet presence guarantee me success? Sometimes I wonder.

I know a mega agent in our market who, up until just recently, never had a website. Ever. Yet he has been one of the top producing Brokers in two counties for years. He's a listing machine and I've always wondered how anyone in today's world could be that successful and not have a lead generating web site. I talked to him the other day and learned one of his big secrets. Letters. He writes lots and lots of letters. Hand addresses them, too. Old school? You bet! But I can't argue with his success.

So again I it possible for old school to become new school at some point? I don't think I could survive without email and I admit that I am not quick to work with clients who don't have it. And I'm not anywhere near considering abandoning our website. I believe all the statistics that say 85% of people start their search on the Internet so I'm not taking any chances. Just the same, I think there is a lot to be said for some old school lessons.

In my opinion, high tech can never replace high touch.

What say you?




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Comment balloon 5 commentsCarol Clay • December 19 2008 03:30PM


I tend to agree to the "high touch" - I do blog and have a website but my personal touch has always gotten me more business because it keeps me in touch with my sphere personally and from there I receive A LOT of referrals. I blog and have the website to try and gather NEW clients to put into my sphere but I rely on my netowrking within my sphere  and have been successful at it. It is time consuming but it keeps me in front of their face and personalization creates a bond. Happy holidays!

Posted by Valerie Spaulding, Allyn-Belfair-Hood Canal-Local Expertise! (Windermere Peninsula Properties~Allyn~Belfair~WA) over 10 years ago


I poor 95% of my advertising budget into my website and business it generates justifies every penny. There is, however, something special about getting a hand written letter in the mail. Christmas cards are a given, but Halloween.... Mothers day.... "Pollen Season" cards make lasting impressions! It's always so heart felt when you receive a little note in the mail. One of my clients calls me the "card fairy" she has thanked me with multiple referrals : )

Nothing replaces a hand written card!!

Posted by Vanessa Reilly, domoREALTY, Homes for Sale - Atlanta (domoREALTY) over 10 years ago

There is no way as a new agent you are going to be top anything without the internet. Old agents rely on old ways because they have a huge SOI and don't need new contacts to survive.

Posted by Shane OnullGorman, Eau Claire Wisconsin, Real Estate Agent & Realtor- Buy or Sell (Eau Claire Realty, Inc.) over 10 years ago

Shane, you're not wrong.  Long time agents with a huge SOI do have an advantage. But I know another mega agent, who not only has a website, but is also paying for Google ad words. Even with his huge SOI, he's struggling to keep the momentum. At some point though, and I think this was one of the points I was making, we have to step away from the computers and websites and reach out to our clients and prospects in "old school" high touch ways. Real estate always has been, and always will be, a highly personal service and if we aren't careful, we run the risk of losing sight of that.

Posted by Carol Clay, Broker/REALTOR, Brevard NC Real Estate Specialist (Looking Glass Realty) over 10 years ago

I think high tech is always a tool. High touch is the way to go. With a high touch, even God Tech cannot help generate a business.

Posted by real estate real estate over 10 years ago

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